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    Weinberg: The left has not cornered the market on conscience

    (Fred Weinberg) – I always enjoy watching liberals—undereducated by their own pathetic public schools—twist in the wind when someone of true conscience takes an action with which they disagree. It’s as if the left has cornered the market on conscience. Back when I was a boy in school, they were marching in Selma,...

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    Clark: Liberal Mindset

    (Jim Clark) – The liberal mindset is a wonder to behold. You have to wonder how they got through college without taking at least an introductory course in economics. The Seattle City Council has come up with an “answer” to the recent spike in gun violence . . . tax firearms out of existence. Yep,...

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    Knecht: Confessions of a former Liberal

    (Ron Knecht) – In the 1970’s, I was an environmental and consumer activist, all-purpose liberal Democrat, and a founding director of Illinois’ Naderite / Alinskyite radic-lib umbrella organization that harbored some of Barack Obama’s fellow community organizers. Fortunately for me, I continued to read, learn and grow; got over statist liberalism; and now...