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    ObamaCare Crushes All Pretense of Liberty, But Wait Till the Taxman Cometh

    (Thomas Mitchell/4TH ST8) You can kiss your liberty good-bye. I was glad to see Mark Hutchison, the attorney who represented Nevada in the lawsuit against ObamaCare when Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto took an unconstitutional powder, use the word “liberty” in his analysis today of the Supreme Court ruling. That is the...

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    States Are Acting Like New Founding Fathers

    NN&V Exclusive (Lori Piotrowski) – “The States are pushing back, doing exactly what the Founding Fathers did!” exclaimed attorney Mark Hutchison speaking at the Nevada Republican Men’s Club (NRMC) on Monday, September 12. Hutchison, with Hutchison & Steffen, was explaining how the Continental Congress reacted in 1773 to the Intolerable Acts, which...

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    Romney’s Plan Strikes A Chord With Las Vegans

    NN&V Exclusive (Lori Piotrowski) – Business owners, attorneys, conservatives turned out to hear what Governor Mitt Romney had to say about America, jobs, and the economy Tuesday afternoon. They crowded into a garage/warehouse at McCandless International Trucking in North Las Vegas eager to hear what the presidential candidate would implement to turn...