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    Roll Call: When the Second Time isn’t the Charm

    (Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call) – I feel bad for Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry. They are...

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    It’s about time

    (Rich Galen) – Rick Santorum joined the GOP Presidential scrum last night. There are (if you count Donald Trump) 16 announced, pretend, or presumed candidates. Santorum made a run at the nomination four years ago, rising from totally unknown outside of Pennsylvania to running second to the eventual nominee, Mitt Romney. Santorum...

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    Greedy bastards LOVE reckless irresponsibility—but not grown-ups like Huckabee

    (Fred Weinberg) – I watched the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Report on Fox News tear into Mike Huckabee last week as “Democrat light” based on his economic populism and was appalled at the attitude of the newspaper’s editorial board.  (Predictably, he got the same treatment from CBS for different reasons.) Perhaps the newspaper’s own...