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    Tax Hike Mike lusts for DC

    (Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – For the record, Washington is now under new management.  Republicans won control of both house of Congress last November and are firmly in control. So isn’t it odd that Sen. Tax Hike Mike Roberson would choose as his slogan for his congressional campaign… “WILL YOU KEEP NEVADA STRONG...

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    Failure to pass AB 177 – A win for Carpetbaggers

    (John Seaman) – AB 177 was a bill sponsored by Assemblywomen Seaman designed to prevent another Andrew Martin debacle from occurring wherein in 2013, the Democratically controlled Assembly seated Martin who had been declared an ineligible Candidate by a court to hold office but had received more votes than his opponent and was seated in the Assembly....

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    Rookie Nevada Senate leaders not exactly distinguishing selves

    (Chuck Muth) – Rookie “Republican” Senate Majority Leader Tax Hike Mike Roberson – water boy for the Sandoval administration’s tax hikes this session – attempted to pass SB 483 on Friday, the bill to make the “temporary” tax hikes of 2009 permanent. Thanks to the Gibbons Tax Restraint law – put in the...