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    On What Planet is an Illegal Alien Killing Our Citizens a “Win” For Nancy Pelosi?

    Anybody who thinks that President Trump lost the battle over the Government shut-down—from Ann Coulter to Nancy...

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    Fact-Checking Harry Reid

    (Darren Littell) – “Harry Reid has once again shown that he is completely detached from reality. Senator Reid’s comments tonight are absolutely false and are another attempt to distract from President Obama’s abysmal economic record.” – Ryan Williams, Romney Campaign Spokesman Despite His Reckless And False Attacks, Harry Reid Has Refused To...

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    Reid’s Way to Increase Clean Energy ‘Demand’ Is Force Feeding

    (Thomas Mitchell/4TH ST8) As per usual, Harry Reid’s tome on renewable energy projects in Nevada — “Playing to win in Clean Energy,” produced at your expense — leaves out as much as it tells. Harry touts SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes project near Tonopah, which will use mirrors to reflect sunlight on a 528-foot...