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    How to price net metering

    (Thomas Mitchell) – At Harry Reid’s clean energy confab on Monday, August 24, 2015, there was a panel debate on how net metering — for rooftop solar installations mostly — should be paid for and by whom. Charles Cicchetti of Pacific Economics Group explained that much of the so-called reform being touted is...

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    PUC staff proposes reneging on contracts with current solar panel owners

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Say what? Buried in the morning newspaper story today about rooftop solar panels hitting the peak capacity allowed under law was a brief mention that the Public Utilities Commission staff is proposing abrogating current contracts with homeowners who already have solar panels. “The staff recommendation would bring all net metering...

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    Net-metering for dummies: Explaining the rooftop solar scam

    (Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – Because of the unrelenting cries of anguish emanating from the rooftop solar industry about how Big Bad NV Energy is trying to kill 6,000 solar industry jobs, maybe you’re thinking you should try to learn something about the brouhaha. But then every time the term “net-metering” is mentioned...