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    SoS Ross Miller: “Our Services Aren’t Worth Your Money”

    (Geoffrey Lawrence/NPRI) – Okay…so maybe it’s not an exact quote, but that’s certainly what I got out of Secretary of State Ross Miller’s comments to the Las Vegas Sun today. Miller is complaining that home-based businesses aren’t paying their “fair share” and should be forced to pay $200 annually for the privilege...

  • Politics
    Recall Threatens SoS Miller’s Days In Office

    NN&V Exclusive (Lori Piotrowski) –Clark County residents got their collective heads thwacked by SoS Ross Miller and Deputy SoS Scott Gilles in December at two public hearings for feedback on Regulations R111-11 and R124-11, both of which were approved by the Democrat-heavy committee. Conservative voters are not happy, and it appears that...