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    Racist, Islamaphobe, Homophobe Won’t Intimidate Me

    Racist, Islamaphobe, Homophobe Won’t Intimidate Me or Anyone Else Who the Left Hurls Those Words At The...

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    Some nutbag killed nine people, we don’t do that in our family

    (Fred Weinberg) – Last week’s killing of nine bible study group members in Charleston, South Carolina reminds me of an event which happened 20 years ago this year. On April 19, 1995, I owned five radio stations in Oklahoma including stations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. That morning, a rental truck containing a bomb...

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    Letter: The Late, Great White Race (Male, That Is)

    (Monterey Brookman) – The latest media analysts are rapping the concept that white men are dead or dying politically, influentially and frankly, it sounds like they are to be deemed contemptible. So, let’s see, who are these white guys? Well, what fascinates me is that (and I’m going to stick with Home...