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    Right To Work, Public Unions, And Government Agencies

    (Jim Clark) – Nevada is a “right to work” state.  Another 22 states have enacted “right to work laws”–statutes that prohibit both employers and unions from entering into any contract that makes either union membership, or for that matter, prohibits union membership, as a condition of new or continued employment.  Essentially these...

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    Washoe County Divorces Reno Fire Fighters Union

    (Jim Clark) – The bitter divorce between Reno and Washoe County over their “marriage” contract in which Reno managed fire protection services in Washoe County is almost concluded.  Fortunately, the lamentable failure will not affect Incline Village/Crystal Bay.  On July 1, the Reno Department will protect only Reno; two other fire districts...

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    Feds Bailout Reno Firefighters, To Detriment Of Taxpayers

    (Jim Clark) – What drama.  Washoe County recently gave Reno official notice of termination, effective July 1, of the 10-year-old contract under which Reno managed all fire protection services in the Truckee Meadows. The reason given was unsustainable costs, specifically the Reno Firefighter Union’s demand that every fire engine have a four-man...