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    First Friday Tripped North In July

    (Lori Piotrowski) – The First Friday crowd drove north this month, from Stoney’s Rockin’ Country on the South Strip to Mundo’s in World Market Center, a move that seemed appropriate in which to meet and greet the city’s top elected officials. So, on Friday, July 1, some two hundred Las Vegans of...

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    The Republican View On Redistricting

    (Yesterday, Senator Barbara Cegavske (R-Las Vegas) addressed the June meeting of the Republican Women of Las Vegas. Below are her remarks regarding redistricting. – Ed.) Today, I wanted to fill you in on some of what was happening with the redistricting issue. You know that it will be decided in the courts....

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    The Moral Responsibility Of The Republican Party

    Recently I met up in Las Vegas with a dear friend of 35 years, whom I’d not seen in 15 years. As long-lost friends do, we spent time catching up. In the course of our discussions I brought up politics, as that’s generally one of the first places my mind wanders, and...