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    Nevada transit authority’s ridesharing program brings in $62,000

    (Derek Draplin) – Nevada transit authority’s ridesharing program brings in $62,000 in first two months, costs $1.4...

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    NBC Urges RTC to Save Taxpayers $50 Million

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Earlier today, NBC presented the following testimony regarding the Regional Transportation Commission’s request for proposals for the RTC’s new bus contract: Hello, my name is Michael Chamberlain and I’m with the Nevada Business Coalition. One of our primary focuses is to help reduce the unnecessary burdens of...

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    What’s $50 Million Between Friends?

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Especially when it’s not your money. The Regional Transportation Commission declined to approve a new bus contract that may be as much as $50 million lower than the competing proposal. Some of the Commissioners want to spend even more money to start the whole thing all over...