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    Fiore: If you can’t walk the talk, I will hold you accountable

    (Michele Fiore) – As you all know, I strongly believe that our legislative system needs to be more transparent. Nothing bothers me more than a candidate running for office on a set of values and then, once elected, turning against their word. There has been a lot of attention on Governor Brian Sandoval...

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    Is Roberson playing politics with your rights?

    (Dudley Brown of National Association for Gun Rights) – Anti-gun Lieutenants answer to anti-gun Captains. A few weeks ago, I told you that Chairman Brower was killing Constitutional Carry. Unfortunately, the truth is worse than I thought, because he’s just the Lieutenant. It’s bad enough when, a supposed Republican is stabbing you...

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    GOP Sen. Brower poised to kill Anti-Rapist Bill

    (Chuck Muth) – Despite misinformation by some anti-Second Amendment activists, guns aren’t about hunting. They’re about self-defense. Unfortunately in Nevada, the right to self-defense has been stripped from some of our most vulnerable citizens by a law making our college and university campuses “gun-free zones” – meaning the bad guys who don’t give...