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    Obama Puts Twice as Many Jobs in Jeopardy While Trying to Protect Jobs

      (Thomas Mitchell/4TH ST8) This week Obama slapped a 31 percent tariff on solar panels imported from China, accusing the nation of “dumping” them on the American market with the help of illegal subsidies for its industry. (Pay no attention to Solyndra or the $50 million U.S. subsidy for that Canadian-owned solar...

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    Penciling Out ‘Green’ Energy: Politicians Still Can’t Figure Out the Math

    (Thomas Mitchell/4TH ST8) Out of the mouths of rubes. Nobody ever does the math when it comes to stories about “green” energy projects. I remember all the glowing stories about the huge array of solar panels at Nellis Air Force Base and how they would save the Air Force $1 million a...