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    Why This Is The Greatest Nation On The Face Of The Earth

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – You want to know why this is the greatest nation on the face of the Earth? Let me tell you a story. On May 25, 1965, President John F. Kennedy told a joint session of Congress, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the...

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    Shutting Down Space Program Is The REAL Default

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – As I write this, the Space Shuttle Atlantis has landed on its final mission of a program which delivered, perhaps less than we wanted but more—much more—than we expected. That we are closing down our ability to send men into outer space is a bigger outrage from...

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    The Bridge To “Outer” Nowhere?

    (Geoffrey Lawrence/NPRI) – In his Washington Examiner column today, Cato’s Gene Healy calls the space program the “biggest bridge to nowhere.” In light of the space shuttle program’s cancellation, Healy points out that the average American enjoys little benefit from a federally-funded space program and that space exploration should be the domain...