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    Second Stimulus Unlikely To Create Nevada Jobs

    (Steven Miller and Kyle Gillis/NPRI) – President Obama claims his recently proposed American Jobs Act could provide $1.3 billion to Nevada and create nearly 10,000 jobs. But what the historical data strongly suggests, says a Duquesne University economics professor, is that the money will do no such thing. “The government does not...

  • Politics
    Can Stimulus II Really Create Jobs?

    (Congressman Joe Heck) – We heard the American Jobs Act’s $447 billion price tag during President Obama’s recent speeches, but we never heard how many jobs it would create and how far down it would bring the unemployment rate. We never heard support for spending controls or a Balanced Budget Amendment to...

  • Opinion
    Obama’s Green Economy Withers Under Rotten Policies

    (Roger Hedgecock) – President Obama promises a “new” jobs program when he gets back from vacation. But he won’t change his central idea that only debt and higher-tax-fueled government spending can lead the economy out of recession. Obama’s existing jobs program was based on the same premise, and it is a failure....