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    Trump missing the target on Super-PAC attack

    (Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – At the recent Great Debate Debacle in Boulder, Colorado, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump launched an attack against so-called “super-PACs.”  Here’s what he said in a pair of tweets on the subject… “Re Super PAC scam: What the other candidates are doing is a disgrace. … All...

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    Galen: Super PACs

    (Rich Galen, – It has been an axiom of politics since 2010 that you can’t be a legitimate candidate for your party’s nomination for President if you don’t have a Super PAC associated – but not coordinating – with you. The basic rule of Super PACs, according to Super PACs may...

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    Patriot Majority Ads False, Claims Heller Campaign

    (Sean Whaley/Nevada News Bureau) – A television ad campaign sponsored by the pro-Democrat Patriot Majority attacking GOP Sen. Dean Heller on his Medicare votes has expanded to Las Vegas and is again being called false by his campaign. The ads say Heller voted to “end Medicare,” twice, once while serving in the House...