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    Force majeure plus criminal fines make new “One-to-One’s” undesirable

    (Nevadans Against Common Core) – An article by Theresa Catalani in the Nevada News & Views, points out that the new “one-on-one” tablets, are being “lent” to students with heavy liabilities to parents – and possible unintended criminal punishment to parents as well as lack of privacy issues for students. Theresa Catalani’s son,...

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    Parents being forced to force tablets on students

    (Theresa Catalani) – Nevada public schools now offer students a 1.1 Tablet which provides a more high-tech learning experience. As a parent, I am expected to sign off on liability for the Tablet. Last year, when my youngest was a 5th grader at Fremont Elementary, I declined the Tablet and $500 liability. The...