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    Gingrich: Duplicity in Fact and Fiction

    (Newt Gingrich) – Back in June 2013, when Pete Earley, Joe Desantis and I began considering writing a...

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    Southern Hills Relives Terrorist Attack

    (Lori Piotrowski) – More than 200 listened attentively to the story that riveted the nation’s attention on October 12, 2000. Just 11 months before the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and UA #93, the U.S.S. Cole was attacked while refueling in port of Aden, Yemen. Kirk Lippold was commander...

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    Bin Laden’s Death Is Not An “All-Clear” Signal

    (Jim Clark) – Nevadans are fortunate to have T. W. (Ty) Cobb as our friend and neighbor.  A career Army officer, he was tapped by President Reagan to be special assistant for national security affairs.  Those who attended one of the Ronald Reagan 100th birthday celebrations featuring Ty last year were treated...