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  • Business
    Big Labor’s Power Behind RTC Refusal To Save Taxpayers $50 Mil

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Whenever you see something in Nevada politics that just doesn’t seem to make any sense at all, that defies all rational explanation, chances are the unions are involved somehow. So if you’re scratching your head wondering why the Regional Transportation Commission would turn away $50 million in...

  • Opinion
    NBC Urges RTC to Save Taxpayers $50 Million

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Earlier today, NBC presented the following testimony regarding the Regional Transportation Commission’s request for proposals for the RTC’s new bus contract: Hello, my name is Michael Chamberlain and I’m with the Nevada Business Coalition. One of our primary focuses is to help reduce the unnecessary burdens of...

  • Government
    What’s $50 Million Between Friends?

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Especially when it’s not your money. The Regional Transportation Commission declined to approve a new bus contract that may be as much as $50 million lower than the competing proposal. Some of the Commissioners want to spend even more money to start the whole thing all over...