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    Nevadans Should Be “Ashamed” Of This “Abomination” Of A Contract

    (Chuck Muth) – To refresh everyone’s memory, the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project is dead, dead, dead. We know it’s dead because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has told us over and over and over again that it’s dead, dead, dead. Heck, he’s even dried up the money necessary for the Nuclear...

  • Government
    It’s Important to Flush Out Yucca Mountain’s Potential

    (David Mansdoerfer) – On September 15, 2011, Citizen Outreach signed a letter in support of resuming the...

  • Politics
    Safe Nuclear Storage Is A Boon To National Security

    (Pat Hickey and Tyrus W. Cobb) – Through numerous Democratic and Republican administrations the preparation of Nevada’s Yucca Mountain as the nation’s designated nuclear repository continued, culminating in the final submission of a license application to open the site by the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2008. The state of Nevada, which...

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