NOT Available in Bookstores or Amazon

NOT Available in Bookstores or Amazon

These 5 Books are Guaranteed
to have Every Conservative
Bursting with Laughter for
Days…and Nights, Too!

Citizen Outreach has been irritating liberals since 1992

And their new 5-book collection on Barack Obama,
Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and
Martin O’Malley has the Left howling with outrage!


Everyone Needs a Good Laugh…

The original "spoof" book that started it all!

The original “spoof” book that started the whole Liberal Book Bundle collection!

Hi, my name is Chuck Muth and I’m president of Citizen Outreach – publisher of Nevada News & Views.

Last February I designed and published a “gag” book as a thank you for some of our conservative donors on the “successes” of Obama’s presidency.

The reaction to “Let Me Be Clear” was nothing short of incredible.

Indeed, while at a Lincoln Day cocktail reception in Reno – featuring my friends Col. Allen West and John Phillip Sousa IV – I set a copy of the book on the bar-top and turned around to talk with the event organizer.

Shortly thereafter, I heard a boisterous belly-laugh break out behind me.

I turned around and saw that the cocktail server had picked up the copy of Let Me Be Clear, thumbed through the pages…and burst out in hysterics!

Here’s why…

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover!

Although the book cover is professionally designed and printed – and the title *appears* to be flattering to the president…

The inside pages are completely blank!


I gotta tell ya, I’ve been having a blast giving the book to conservatives, watching them look at the cover, get a sour look on their faces…

And then break out in laughter once they flip through the pages and get the punchline!

In fact, one of our donors laughed so hard and loved “Let Me Be Clear” so much that he ordered a CASE of them to give to friends and employees as gifts!

But it’s even funnier when I hand a copy to a liberal, watch their faces light up when they think it’s a *real* book…

And then enjoy their reaction when they realize the joke’s on them.

(Kinda like how the Obama presidency itself has been a joke on the rest of us!)

5 Times the Fun!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I found myself daydreaming in a very boring seminar.

To relieve the boredom, I started sketching out possible “blank” book titles for other high-profile national liberals on my scratch pad.


a.Hillary Book

a.Biden Book

a.Sanders Book

a.OMalley Book

Personally, the last one is my favorite…but that’s only because I was born and raised in “Bawl’mer.”

Laughter IS the Best Medicine!

According to a column at, “Some researchers think laughter just might be the best medicine.”

“I believe that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are a lot better off,” says Steve Wilson, MA, CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist. “They might be healthier too.”

And what better way to get healthy than poke fun at liberals, right?!!

I guarantee hours of hilarious laughter – laughter you’ll be able to share with your conservative friends and family…and even some liberals who aren’t too uptight and have a sense of humor.

How You Can Get These Marvelously Funny Books

You can’t buy this “Liberal Book Bundle” collection.

The 5-book collection is not available in stores, nor can you buy them at

No, these books are only available as a FREE gift to financial supporters of Citizen Outreach who help us continue our great work at irritating liberals and keeping the world safe for democracy.

To get yours, just make a donation of only $49* to Citizen Outreach…and I’ll mail you all 5 books for FREE

* Enter promo code “chuck” (case sensitive) to get the discount

Satisfaction guaranteed!

To get your very own, 5-book Liberal Book Bundle collection, just click on the button below…

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Conservatively yours,

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Chuck Muth
President, Citizen Outreach
Publisher, Nevada News & Views
The Nation’s #1 Irritator of Liberals

P.S.   The Liberal Book Bundle isn’t just for laughs.  They’re functional, too.  You can…

  • Use them as a journal or diary
  • Use them for your to-do list
  • Use them to do the math to balance your checkbook
  • Use them for your grocery list
  • Use the to outline your strategies for world domination!

However you choose to use them, order TODAY while supplies last!


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