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  • “Your Muth’s Truths column is about the only one I read.” – David Steele
  • “I like Muth’s Truths and it is one of the few (very few) that I accept and read on a regular basis. I like your politics and the caring aura that accompanies each post.” – Warren F. Rosenbaum
  • “I have to tell you that Muth’s Truths provide informative analysis with explanations that absolutely make reading your selected topics well worth any person’s time. Proud of you.” – Tony Delgado
  • “Thank you so much for Muth’s Truths. I am not sure how you found me but it is so great, as I can forward to others that have a brain! Keep up the good work.” – Stu Stiller
  • “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for Muth’s Truths. If it were not for your input about certain events, votes, and elected officials, I would be completely in the dark when it comes to election time. Your insight and wit are enjoyable and the work you put into it is much appreciated.” – Sandra Singh
  • “Thank you so much for this newsletter. My health is poor and I cannot attend local events to stay informed and know the candidates. You are invaluable to me!” – Len Fargo
  • “For a clear, concise, tell it like it is coverage of the current happenings in local and state wide politics I eagerly anticipate each E-blast I get from Muth’s Truths. Chuck is the best on line source I’ve found that keeps me up to date on the things that concern me in our Great State of Nevada.” – Kevin Ruud
  • “Thanks, Chuck. Keep up the good work! I love reading your Muth’s Truths!” – Shawn Meehan
  • “Chuck I just wanted to thank you for telling the news like nobody else. We are more informed because of the pieces you write. Instead of needing 10-15 variable resources, you save us time learning about what is really going on.” – Daniel Halseth


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