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«Golden State Bags Plastic Bags; Silver State Next?»

Golden State Bags Plastic Bags; Silver State Next?

(Chuck Muth) – From the Department of Stupid Is As Stupid Does comes the latest from Nevada’s neighbor to the West. The California Legislature has passed, and Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has signed, the nation’s first statewide ban on…plastic bags (SB 270). So how are canine owners supposed to pick up the dog poop on...

October 2 2014 / Read More »

Four Ways the GOP Can Become the Party of the Sharing Economy

(John Kartch) – The sharing economy has released an entrepreneurial zeal in legions of Americans who haven’t run a...

September 15 2014 / Read More »

Yahoo Stands up to Big Brother, Gets Slapped Down

(Chuck Muth) – If you’re looking for bipartisanship in Washington, DC, look no further than government measures that trample...

September 14 2014 / Read More »

There’s Something in the Air in the Mile High City

(Chuck Muth) – I’m writing this week’s column from Denver, Colorado, where there’s something in the air. And no,...

September 25 2014 / Read More »

An Unloaded Gun Ain’t Good for Nothin’

Under cross-examination in an opening scene of the movie classic True Grit, John Wayne’s character, U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn,...

October 23 2014 / Read More »
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