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«What Congress should give Google for its Sweet 16»

What Congress should give Google for its Sweet 16

(Chuck Muth) – Although Google’s official birthday has moved around a bit over the years, it is generally accepted that the universe will celebrate the search engine’s sixteenth birthday on September 27th.  And I know the perfect gift… Congressional passage of the USA Freedom Act. In fact, passage of the bill would be a fantastic...

August 28 2014 / Read More »

Uber-support for Uber and Lyft in Vegas

Many of you probably don’t know what “Uber” or “Lyft” are. In short, they are “ride sharing” programs operated...

August 29 2014 / Read More »

Comments on Comcast Time Warner Cable Transaction Due Today at FCC

(By David L. Cohen) – Today, the first round of comments is due in the FCC’s consideration of the...

August 25 2014 / Read More »

#2 Sugar Producer “Going Through a Tough Time”

(Chuck Muth, President, Citizen Outreach) – In The Hindu Business Line, Pallavi Munankar writes that India’s sugar industry “is...

August 28 2014 / Read More »

Harry Reid Remains Obstinately, Perversely Insistent on Taxing the Internet

As we asked last week – who says bipartisanship is dead? The allegedly “do-nothing” Republican-led House of Representatives has...

July 28 2014 / Read More »
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