Let’s take on ACA

(Robert Kessler) - A few comments in response to Brian Aiken’s letter about the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)  (LVRJ, 5/26/15). Mr. Aiken rebutted Rep. Dina Titus’ comments that Republicans have no alternatives to ObamaCare. Aiken pointed out … Read the full article...

Fiore: Playing political games

(Michele Fiore) -This session has had me questioning the integrity of some of my peers. Many of our elected officials are using their power to play political games instead of being focused on helping … [Read More...]

NFIB concerns with Commerce Tax

(Randi Thompson) - After a four-hour hearing on the tax bill (AB464) in Ways and Means/Senate Revenue, I’m guessing many of our voices blended together, so I wanted to recap some of the key issues for … [Read More...]

Why I tried to recall John Hambrick

(AJ Maimbourg) -As we enter the final turn in the race to raise taxes in the 2015 legislative session, I predict we’re about to see exactly why I launched an effort to recall Assembly Speaker John … [Read More...]