Saturday , 28 November 2015


Sandovals’ SAGE Commission 2.0 an Insult to Taxpayers’ Intelligence

Sham group just another propaganda stunt from America’s Worst Governor

(Chuck Muth) – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  But Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s ripoff of former conservative Gov. Jim Gibbons’ SAGE Commission is more like adding insult to injury. SAGE stands for “Spending and Government Efficiency.”  It was created in May 2008, at the height of the Great Recession. The appointed commission chairman was Bruce James, a …

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ROOT: It’s time to ask the question: Is Obama a Muslim?

President talks about compassion for Muslim refugees, but deports Christians

( Wayne Allyn Root) – First, Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season to you and your family. Now, on to the very serious news about the madman running our country. You know, the guy who has made us all feel like foreigners in our own country. Or haven’t you seen the latest poll that proves a majority of Americans …

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Debunking the “Desperate Arguments” against Commerce Tax Referendum

R.I.P. PAC ready to unleash "legions of folks" to put tax repeal on next year's ballot

(Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence) – Today we’re thankful that the widely despised Commerce Tax is moving toward a Nevada voter referendum. Acting for the concerned citizens of RIP Commerce Tax, Inc., Ron filed a referendum petition on that tax in October.  Tax-hike advocates brought a meritless law suit seeking to deny you a vote on it.  RIP filed its …

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Assembly GOP Intra-Caucus Blood Feud Boils Over

Majority Leader Anderson playing schoolyard games over critial Nevada security issue

(Chuck Muth) – The divide in the Republican Assembly Caucus – exacerbated last December when Assemblyman John Hambrick sold out his conservative colleagues for 2015 session’s speakership, a handful of magic beans and 30 pieces of silver – has only gotten worse since the end of the session. The feud between the more outspoken and principled conservative members and their …

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Paris Terror Attacks Prove Trump is Correct on Immigration Issue

Trump's new book should be called “The Art of the Immigration Deal.”

(Wayne Allyn Root) – Donald Trump is brilliant. Trump is a chess master. His instincts about immigration and the border were 100% on the money. First of all, with the terrible ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, immigration and our open border with Mexico just became the #1 issue in America. All the Presidential candidates are now playing on Trump’s home turf. …

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Conservative Nevada legislator “fioreous” over disarmed French victims

Fiore to liberals: "keep your political correctness and I'll keep my gun."

Prayers and political correctness, but never prevention! (Assemblywoman Michele Fiore) – My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the horrific attacks that took place across Paris. However, continuing to offer prayers after the fact doesn’t truly pay respect to these victims or provide protection from future attacks to citizens. What would pay them the respect they deserve …

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This Economist Decries Obama’s War on the Poor


(NN&V) – Bill Dickens is a senior economist specializing in energy economics.  And in an op-ed published by CNBC he lays out the case for ending the federal government’s current policies of punishing reliable fossil fuel energy production while rewarding new and unreliable but politically popular renewable energy. “It is undeniable that clean energy resources are important for environmental sustainability and …

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Hunting Patent Trolls Isn’t “Witch-Hunting”

(Chuck Muth) – A “witch hunt” is generally considered a waste of time because there’s no such thing as witches (no mother-in-law jokes, please). But, just as it’s not paranoia when they’re really out to get you, a “witch hunt” would be an actual witch hunt if there’s really a witch to hunt. Ditto hunting “patent trolls” today. And as …

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The Election that Makes 2016 Look like a Kid’s Tea Party

(Jim Clark) – Political history buffs may be interested in viewing an upcoming PBS documentary titled: “1968: Ball of Confusion – A year of chaos that makes today’s political battles seem tame by comparison.” It is produced by the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “Ball of Confusion” was a popular song about 1968 made famous by the Temptations. Millennials may scoff at the …

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