Proposed law takes the slap out of anti-SLAPP law

(Thomas Mitchell) - Slinking quietly through the Nevada Legislature is a bill that would gut the state’s strong anti-SLAPP law that was once called the gold standard of such laws. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation and is generally defined as vexatious litigation … [Read more...]

Fixing our schools

(Jim Clark) - We need better schools, right?   How do we do that?  Democrats and school officials claim the answer is more money.  Yet according to the US Center for Education Statistics, our neighbors Utah and Arizona spend less per pupil and get better achievement results.  California spends more … [Read more...]

Largest Tax Increase in State’s History

Danny Tarkanian

(Danny Tarkanian, Esq.) - Nevadan’s Republican Senate Majority leader, Michael Roberson, recently boasted that the largest tax increase in our state’s history will pass the Senate this week. Ironically, this tax increase is almost identical to the version soundly rejected by 80% of us Nevadans in … [Read more...]