Mitchell: Judges find in the folds of the law a right to watch predators

(Thomas Mitchell) - You never know what new, previously unheard of rights some federal judges can find tucked in the folds of the law. Earlier this month a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, of course, rejected a decision by Nevada U.S. District Court … [Read more...]

Galen: Back to School – 2015

(Rich Galen, - This column, first written, in 2000, has held up through the years. This year, my elder granddaughter started kindergarten. It has not made it any easier. * * * * * * * * * The children of America are going back to school. And, in nearly every household, there is at … [Read more...]

Mitchell: EPA moving forward with Clean Water Plan in states that did not successfully sue

(Thomas Mitchell) - What moxie. The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday announced that it is implementing its Clean Water Plan even though a federal judge in North Dakota on Thursday enjoined it from doing so. The EPA said it will enforce its new rule in all the states except those 13 that … [Read more...]

Knecht & Lawrence: Kirner’s state spending and taxing claims – False

(Ron Knecht & Geoffrey Lawrence) - A recent article by Assemblyman Randy Kirner claimed that the record spending and largest-ever tax increase adopted this year by Nevada legislators and Gov. Brian Sandoval showed “great restraint and balance” and “responsible management” and will “secure a … [Read more...]

Raising the “Hero Bar”

(Rich Galen) - We have cheapened the value of the word, "hero." A lot of people are brave. Teachers, Nurses, local service volunteers, Priests, Rabbis, and Ministers. We've applied the word "hero" to most, if not all of them. Firefighters and police officers who routinely run into grave danger … [Read more...]