Politicians lie, but when it comes to the Tax Pledge the numbers don’t

Politicians lie, but when it comes to the tax pledge the numbers dont

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) - Liberals and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) hate the Taxpayer Protection Pledge with, as Diane Chambers once put it on Cheers, “the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.”  And there’s a very good reason for that… It works. In signing the Tax Pledge, a … [Read more...]

Nevada Legislature: Do as we say, not as we do!

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) - Here’s what’s holding up everybody who wants to repeal the largest tax hike in Nevada history through a ballot referendum… According to the Nevada Constitution… “Each law enacted by the Legislature shall embrace but one subject, and matter, properly connected … [Read more...]

Some nutbag killed nine people, we don’t do that in our family

(Fred Weinberg) - Last week’s killing of nine bible study group members in Charleston, South Carolina reminds me of an event which happened 20 years ago this year. On April 19, 1995, I owned five radio stations in Oklahoma including stations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. That morning, a rental truck … [Read more...]

State regulation of work-comp proceeded on tilted playing field

Bad-actor ‘anecdotes’ finally, after decades, granted new credibility (Steven Miller, NPRI) - When Nevada legislators outlawed lawsuits by injured workers against work-comp insurers and administrators in 1995, the lawmakers essentially made a promise. In the absence of such lawsuits, they … [Read more...]

RINOs are bad for the Republican Party and America

(Joseph Morabito) - Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) are bad for the Republican Party and America.  RINOs are nothing more than Socialists Lite willing to raise taxes, increase regulations and add to Local, State and National Debt by borrowing to fund Socialist Schemes. We just saw this is the … [Read more...]

Blame guv, not 120-day session for budget slam-and-jam

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) - Freshman Republican Assemblymen Erv Nelson and Chris Edwards appeared on a local PBS community affairs television show recently and advocated for annual sessions of the Nevada Legislature. As if these people don’t already do enough damage every OTHER year! The … [Read more...]