Don’t Have Solar? Want To Pay For It Anyway?

Michael Schaus

(Michael Schaus, NPRI) – The debate over Nevada’s solar industry is not going away anytime soon, with solar companies and activists continuing their efforts to reverse the PUC’s decision to cut back on net-metering rebates. A referendum seeking to return to the state’s previous more favorable net-metering rules, remains in legal limbo, …

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Weinberg: Nevada Taxpayers Association… Lying About Who They Represent Statewide

Carole Vilardo is currently the president of Nevada Taxpayers Association. (Courtesy: Nevada Legislature)

(Fred Weinberg) – There is an organization — notable mostly for its misleading name — which claims to represent the taxpayers of Nevada when, in point of fact, it represents mostly people who help collect the taxes the legislature extracts from you and I, the REAL taxpayers of Nevada. I am …

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Weinberg: GOP ‘Leaders’ Who Want To Screw Trump Cannot See Past Their Noses

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

(Fred Weinberg) – The mainstream media has a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump.  They love the ratings he brings and they hate him. And now, that his inevitability as a Republican nominee is becoming much more clear, what Rush Limbaugh has named the drive-by media really hates him. After all, he’s …

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Galen: Like Sand Through the Hourglass

Rich Galen

(Rich Galen, Mullings) – Maybe it doesn’t work this way anymore, but back in the day, this was the point in the campaign when the best conversations take place after the candidates have been put to bed leaving the staff and the press to share a couple of beers in the …

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Washington Completes Caucuses, Returns To Status Quo Ante

(Rich Galen, Mullings) – After every election activity – caucuses, state conventions, primaries – the press corps and cable nets have assured us they knew what happened, what it means, and what it will lead to. That they (ok, I’ll include myself), have been off-target week after week after week makes …

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Knecht: Are Redistribution and Big Government Working for You?

Ron Knecht

(Ron Knecht) – Democrats, modern liberals and progressives often say they’re concerned about income inequality. So, they propose more redistribution: higher taxes on the well-off and higher public subsidies for others. Adding subsidy increases to their ever-growing regulatory system and other public spending drove total government spending relative to our economy …

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Weinberg: Stop Urinating A Steady Stream Of Tax Dollars At UNLV Athletics

UNLV logo

(Fred Weinberg) – If the President of UNLV, Len Jessup, and its Athletic Director, Tina Murphy, (you only get one last name in this column) have a brain in their heads, they would both a) resign immediately; and, b) refund every dime they have been paid by the taxpayers of Nevada …

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6 New Voting Blocs Blocking Hillary from White House

6 new posts that will block hillary to the white house

(Grover Norquist, The Washington Post) – Democrats have approached the 2016 presidential election with great confidence, arguing that changing demographics will guarantee them victory. By this, they mean the growing number of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans expected to vote in November. However, other dramatic changes in the electorate over the past …

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Under Reagan, Income Mobility Trumped Income Inequality

(Ron Knecht & Geoffrey Lawrence) – Recently, we analyzed the records of the last seven presidential administrations on economic growth and income inequality.  The Reagan, Clinton and Nixon/Ford administrations did best, with Bush43, Bush41, and especially Obama the worst. But income inequality is trumped by income mobility – the ability of …

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