The GOP Mutant Tax Hikers

(Chuck Muth) - As you already know, what passes for “leadership” in the Republican Assembly Caucus – Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick, Speaker-in-Reality Paul Anderson and Assembly Higher Taxation Committee Chairman Derek Armstrong - announced this week an alternative to Gov. Brian Sandoval’s … [Read more...]

Common Core: The Bad, the Worse, and the Scary

(Virginia Starrett) - About two years ago, I was favorably disposed toward Common Core (CC).  Who could oppose better standards? (I asked myself).  Certainly, not me (a college English instructor by trade).  But then I became aware, through a meeting of the local Good Governance Group, that some … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Speaker John Boehner’s Big Week

Boehner's big week

(Newt Gingrich) - 228-199. 392-37. These two sets of numbers indicate why historians may look back on this as the week Speaker Boehner really began to run the House. The first numbers, 228-199, were the final vote on passing the budget. This was a vital step because the budget leads to … [Read more...]

Harry Reid, Senate minority leader, to retire

(Dana Bash, Jeff Zeleny & Alexandra Jaffe of CNN) - Washington -- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Friday he won't seek reelection in 2016, a surprise move that's certain to open a fierce battle for his seat as well as a fight to lead the Democratic party in the chamber. The fifth-term … [Read more...]

What Can Be Done to Fix Nevada?

Jim Clark

(Jim Clark) - Several years ago Governor Kenny Guinn (R-NV) addressed a crowd of Incline/Crystal Bay residents at a gathering at the Hyatt.  During Q&A, he was asked:  “What can be done to fix Nevada?”  He responded that we should execute a friendly takeover of Utah.  He went on to cite numerous … [Read more...]