Chuck Muth

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    Code of Conduct Proposed for Health Care Industry

    In the never-ending debate about national health care, the most common refrain is “our health care system is broken.” That is immediately followed by never-ending government solutions to “fix” said system at an estimated cost of trillions of dollars. Rarely mentioned in these expensive, government-knows-best debates, however, is any discussion of free-market,...

  • Government
    Nominations Open for Cashman Good Government Award

    Is “Good Government” different in hard times than during good times? The nominating period for the 13th Annual Cashman Good Government Awards starts with a public conversation. The Nevada Taxpayers Association recently began the nomination period for the organization’s annual Cashman Good Government Awards. 2009 has brought hard times and new challenges...

  • Politics
    Nevada Senator Completely Isolated Politically

    The following story written by John Bresnahan and Manu Raju appeared in today’s Politico and includes a crystal ball assessment by your favorite News & Views publisher: Ethics experts say the latest revelations about Sen. John Ensign’s affair with a former aide — including the senator’s efforts to help the mistress’s husband...

  • Politics
    A Case of Mayoral Mix-Up

    A Nevada News & Views reader wrote in with concerns about former Carson City Mayor Ray Masayko, who is currently running for the Capital District State Senate seat soon to be vacated by the term-limited incumbent, Republican Sen. Mark Amodei. “Regarding Ray Maysako,” the writer began. “About 15 years ago, we voted...

  • Politics
    Ernaut Takes GOP Reins

    Nevada Republican Party Chairman Sue Lowden stepped down on Wednesday to run in the GOP primary for the nomination to run against Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) next year. Pursuant to the party’s Bylaws and the Nevada Revised Statutes, Vice-Chairman Nancy Ernaut of Elko is now the interim Chairman until the Central Committee...

  • Opinion
    Olympic Rejection: Obama Loses Weapon of Mass Distraction

    Experts love to say that certain big companies and banks are “too big to fail.” The reality is our federal government is too big to succeed. It’s all going down in flames for Obama- “the anointed one.” He has proven once again that government spending has failed miserably. The economy continues to...

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